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A significant number of athletes needlessly suffer from suboptimal nutrient levels that can lead to reduced overall performance, repetitive nagging injuries, poor muscle recovery, and in some cases, unnecessarily shortened athletic careers. Many simply guess at what their particular nutrient needs are and rely on shotgun-approach nutritional supplementation regimens. This can be wasteful and even dangerous, and now is no longer necessary.

RunTheLabs provides you with actionable data from your blood labs giving solid insight into what nutrient levels need improvement

What We Test

Our RunTheLabs Endurance panel represents the nutrients most commonly associated with athletic performance, endurance and recovery issues.

Our research and work with athletes tells us that insufficient or suboptimal levels of iron, vitamin B12 and vitamin D are widespread and common in the athletic community.

We have the ability to help athletes optimize their physiology via improved biochemistry. Improved key nutrient status can enhance oxygen transport and metabolic functions that have a significant positive impact on performance and recovery.

How Does It Work?

  1. Purchase your RunTheLabs Endurance Panel
  2. You will receive email and or text confirmation of your purchase.
  3. Once this is received simply go to any LabCorp location and present your ID. You will be in their system and you will have received your requisition number which you should also bring to the Lab just in case.
  4. Results take approximately 10 business days and will be emailed to you.
  5. If you ordered a tele-consult with one of our expert nutritional consultants you will be contacted once you have received your results.
  6. Any nutritional recommendations that arise from your lab results will be sent as a “recommendation” from Fullscript, our online dispensary. You will receive a 10 percent discount on nutrients for using RunTheLabs. The recommendation will inform you how and when to take any products recommended for best results.

Purchase a RunTheLabs Endurance Panel and get our best recommendations based on optimal nutrient ranges ages 14+

Max Endurance

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Our flagship package uses a hemogram (blood count), ferritin test with serum iron and total iron binding capacity to look for evidence of low iron, the most common deficiency affecting athletic performance. Low iron impairs red blood cells making oxygen transport more difficult. Also included are Vitamin B12 and Folate, both are B vitamins. If suboptimal, this can also impair the blood’s ability to efficiently transport oxygen, hampering performance. Vitamin D rounds out this panel. Low levels of this important nutrient have been shown to impact immune health, mental health, bone health and also cardiorespiratory fitness and VO2 max. If desired, a 15 minute tele-consult with one of our Athletic Nutrient consultants to review your labs and recommendations is available for an additional cost of $39 (choose package at checkout).


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